ACTING TAUGHT AT THE STUDIO is based on the technique developed by Sanford Meisner. The technique is based on a simple definition of acting: the reality of doing under given imaginary circumstances. The Cornerstone of the technique is the Repetition Exercise which calls upon the actor to really listen, to respond truthfully, to specifically and personally invest his or her total Self in the reality of the moment.

BUILDING A FOUNDATION of lasting value for your acting, developing true listening, working from your instinct rather than your head, living fully in the moment, being open and available to your partners and yourself, really doing rather than pretending to do, will bring a deep personal meaning to your work.

RESPECT FOR THE INTEGRITY and uniqueness of each student is central to the teaching at the Studio. The classes are designed to foster a challenging, supportive and creative atmosphere, encouraging students to feel free to take risks; to feel free to experiment and play within the exercise and scene work and through experience and guidance to come to trust their instincts, their instrument, and their craft. I expect students to be on time, to always be prepared, and to take the work seriously. I make myself available for all students and give them the opportunity to ask questions and explore the work for themselves. In order to ensure all students the opportunity to work in each class, enrollment is limited.

IT HAS BEEN MY PLEASURE to teach enthusiastic young actors for the past 20 years. An actor must begin and continue to refine and exercise his or her craft throughout their career. Actors sometimes get all wrapped up in the idea of being an actor and don’t realize that their raw talent needs to be developed. It takes years of devotion and dedication to nurture the craft of acting. I look for actors who want to be challenged, who want to take risks and explore their feelings, who derive a great deal of joy from going to those places inside themselves.

MOST IMPORTANT, actors must constantly challenge their imagination. I put a great deal of emphasis on the imagination because I believe it is the actor's greatest tool. The musician has his or her instrument, the singer his voice, the actor his imagination. Your talent lies in your choices. Your choices come from your Imagination. How you allow your imagination to dictate your choices on stage and film is the difference between a great performance and an average performance. It's like going to the gym. The more you work a muscle, the stronger it gets. Real life experiences are your base. Your imagination takes you anywhere. Remember, it is the goal of the studio to build a foundation of lasting value for your acting.